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procreate 1.6.1
音乐视频 1998
iPhone、iPod touch、iPad 58M

Procreate is a professional painting & sketching application, made exclusively for iPad. Engineered using the incredible Silica? painting engine, painting & sketching on an iPad has never been so responsive and precise. And version 1.5 is finally here! Version 1.5 brings down the hammer with an explosion of new features. The new HD canvas is bigger than a Bluray movie, and captures an incredible amount of detail and achieves quality like never before on a mobile device. And, of course, artists will still be able to create 16 layers and access 100 redo/undo states! A first in its class. As a first for a mobile painting app, Procreate is engineered to allow creation of completely new brushes in a few easy steps. Make every brush your own with 16 fully-customisable characteristics, many of which are unique to Procreate. Import anything from your Photos library to create endless effects! Procreate uses the advanced OpenGL Silica? painting engine which has been engineered exclusively for iPad, to use every drop of juice from the GPU (graphical processing unit). The result is unparalleled performance on a mobile device, from incredibly responsive brush strokes and 64-bit smudge sampling, to full brush customisation. Made for professional illustrators and aspiring artists alike, Procreate is the most advanced sketchbook in the world. ★ Desktop grade brushes and tools: ? Desktop grade paint engine, with amazing & precise brush strokes ? 16 customisable brush settings for every brush ? HD canvas size: 1920 x 1408px (iPad 2 only) ??Smudge tool with advanced 64-bit colour calculations ? Eraser tools ? Duplicate, modify and organise brushes ★ Evolved brush customisation: ? Import ANY image as a brush grain or shape, allowing unlimited brush possibilities! ? Evolved brush modification – adjust shape & texture of brushes independently ? Realtime preview of adjustments ? Smart tools remember settings as you switch between them ? Adjust Grain: movement, scale, zoom and rotation ? Adjust Shape: scatter, rotation and randomise ? Adjust Dynamics: opacity & size velocity and paint loading & wetness ? Adjust Plot: spacing and scatter ? In-app customisation help ★ Advanced layering system: ? Up to 16 Layers allowing ease of editing and control ? Create & delete layers ? Duplicate Layers ? Lock alpha pixels for easy masking ? Merge layers up, or down ? Layer blend modes: normal, multiply, add, screen, lighten & exclusion ? Instantly reorder layers ? Clear layer without deleting the entire layer ? Toggle visibility with just one tap ??Adjust layer opacity with live thumbnail preview ? Flood fill the canvas with any colour ★ Full HSB Colours: ? Extra large colour chooser ??HSB sliders allow for precision colour picking ? Save your favourite colour swatches ? Eye-dropper colour selection ? Compare current and newly chosen colour ? Tap and hold anywhere on the canvas to instantly pick a colour ★ Simple and efficient Interface ? Auto-save means you never loose work again ? Import images from Photo Library ? Two finger pan & zoom navigation from 50% to 6400% zoom ? Three finger tap to show actual pixels ? Quick-pinch shortcut for fit-to-screen ? Flip canvas horizontally and vertically ? Synthetic pressure sensitivity (brush fall-off) ??Synthetic reverse pressure sensitivity (brush pinch) ? Rapidly adjust the brush size, on the fly ? Rapidly adjust the brush opacity/pressure, on the fly ??Sketch in any device orientation ? Non-interpolated zoom – allows pixel precision ? 100 levels of undo and redo ★ Artwork browser: ??Name, duplicate and delete your artwork ? Store and view work-in-progress ? Export to your artwork to your Photo Library ? Export a layered PSD or transparent PNG to iTunes ? Email images to anyone ? Easy access settings and user guide

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